About Me

I'm a student at Carnegie Mellon University. I'm in the Master's of Human-Computer Interaction program.

My interests include: building beautiful UIs, technology for developing nations, conversational user interfaces, and assistive technologies.

My hobbies include: digital art, fashion, garment-making, baking, concerts, and social justice.


Material Design Generator
Android app demoing programmatic UI generation using the Material Design Components library.

View the full project and download the app here.

Material Design

Software Engineer
San Francisco, May 2017 - August 2019

Android developer working closely with designers to build open-sourced components for Google's Material Design team.

See the components and check out our GitHub.

Android Developer Summit

Mountain View, November 2018

Presented Material Design Components for Android to an audience of 300 live attendees and several thousand more via livestream. The full video is available here (Youtube link).

Google Home Services

Software Engineer
Mountain View, July 2015 - May 2017

Android developer for Google Home Services, which allows people to quickly search and book service providers such as plumbers and locksmiths. I'm helped build the Android app which lets service providers respond to incoming requests.

More info here.

Voxel Art

Original 3D artwork
Mostly made in Magical Voxel

A collection of voxel (3D pixel) art I've made over time, mostly inspired by architecture and rooms.

Take a look at the full gallery here.

This site!

December 2015 - Present

Developed this labor of love from scratch, including front-end design, animations, iconography.
Everything except the underlying carousel library, for which I used Slick.

It's mobile-friendly, check it out on your phone! (if you aren't already)

Informed Treatments

January 2016 - Present

Designed, built, and launched Informed Treatments and its subsidiary sites. Built using Python, Flask, Javascript/CSS, PSQL, and Heroku.


Software Engineer
San Francisco, Feb 2015 - July 2015

Full-stack engineer on Homejoy's Web and Admin Tools teams. Conducted A/B-tested experiments to improve customer retention, such as emotional appeals during cancellation and pricing modifications.


Personal project
June 2015

Facebook wall for Homejoyers. Built a community for coworkers to share pictures, comments, and articles. Built using ReactJS, Firebase, and Python. Featured real-time updates, notifications, likes, and profiles.


Bachelor's - Computer Science Engineering
Graduated Dec 2014 - Magna Cum Laude

Coursework includes data structures, algorithms, web databases, operating systems, game development, autonomous robotics, security, and mobile application development.


Major Design Project
Fall 2014

Trio finds you local concerts. This Android app is a concert aggregator which pulls upcoming concerts from third-party sites, and displays them in an easy-to-read feed. You can RSVP, share concerts with friends, and buy tickets.


Personal Project
Fall 2014

Your daily to-do list! Daily is an Android app which enables you to organize and complete your daily tasks. Features a simple interface and reminder notifications.

Cosmic Conquest

Major Design Project
Fall 2014

A 2D 4X strategy game set in space! Collect resources, upgrade your interstellar fleet, unlock powerful technologies, and destroy your enemy in real-time top-down-shooter style. Youtube demo.


Software Engineering Intern
Summer 2014

Worked on Android Core Experiences team, handling News Feed and in-app navigation. Developed user-facing, high impact features using Java. Improved application performance through analysis and optimization.


Facebook Camp Hackathona 2014 Top 10
Summer 2014

Gather helps you find groups of people to do fun activities with! Features a Tinder-like double opt-int interface. Placed top 10 out of 300+ entries, and presented to executive team including Mark Zuckerberg.

Autonomous Robotics

Major Design Projects
Winter 2014

Projects incorporated systems design, computer vision, and autonomous planning to build projects such as a robotic arm (PDF, 891 KB) which can retrieve stray golf balls in a radius, and a ground robot which can autonomously navigate and map out an uknown maze.


Software Engineering Intern
Summer 2013

Worked to enable data connectivity on Android devices. Developed extensible framework for handling commands between Java and native/C++ space. Implemented inter-process communication protocols to send and receive parceled data.


MHacks2 Project
Winter 2013

Integrated Yelp and Google Maps APIs to create a web application to plan your next roadtrip's eats! Rather than Yelp which does a radius search around a single point, FeedMyTrip searches a radius along your route. Built using Python, Flask, and Javascript.

Github: FeedMyTrip.


Navigation subteam, Embedded subteam
Fall 2012 - Winter 2013

Michigan Autonomous Aerial Vehicles team. Developed path planning algorithms and ground control station for an autonomous aerial robot. Improved onboard controller capabilities for short-term path planning.

More info here.


Software Engineering Intern
Summer 2012

Intern on Indeed's Search Quality Team, maintaining quality of job searches using Java and MySQL. Improved existing processes using machine learning and natural language processing concepts. Consumed and processed large amounts of job data using Apache Pig and Hadoop.


Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program
Fall 2011 - Winter 2012

Worked with a team building autonomous aerial robots to develop and evaluate several prototype graphical user interfaces for best controlling and monitoring a mobile robot team.

Final poster can be seen here (PDF, 896KB).

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